Axbizz Automatically Analyzes, Tests And Diagnoses A Transactional Landing Page's Marketing Conversion Factors And Provides A PDF Report.

How are your Conversion Factors Today?
They do affect your conversion rates.
We'd love to tell you all about Conversion Factors!

With Axbizz You Can:

  • Obtain reliable, comprehensive analytics.
  • Create a deliverable PDF report.
  • Study the market and your competition.
  • Provide marketers, webmasters, advertisers, optimizers and site owners with relevant marketing feedback.
  • Diminish the (FUD) fear, uncertainty and doubt about how a PPC campaign will fare once is up and running.

Some initial facts and figures for Axbizz

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Landing page's analyzed so far.

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Conversion factors analyzed per page.

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PDF reports generated.

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